Find Host

Often network engineers need to find workstations and hosts on a L3/L2 network. then they made ip trace, and when they find the last gateway (usually the host's default gateway) to the host the begin to telnet the gateway, find the mac address of the host and search it on the local bridge mac address table. When it was found, the engineer will look to the local interfaces, and the check if a switch is connected to that, if yes it will telnet to the new switch and repeat again the bridge mac address table lockup, and then again cheek if another switch is connect to that port, and so repeat, and repeat and repeat again since to the last switch on there the host is connected.
This process may take from 10 to 20 minute each time, and as any repetitive job is frustrating and boring.

Find Host command script do that for you in a little like 1 minute, making automatic discover process as humans do, but quick and fast.

You can run Find Host from your command line dos command, providing the IP address or MAC address of the PC or Voip Phone you are looking for, and Find Host will show you there is located.

Find Host work on WinXp and is write in Perl, a linux/*nix version is available on request.

Main feature

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Find Host is give you as stand alone application or as part of LNMT suite.
Stand alone version, including 1 year mail support, is
24 € (euro), including 20% VAT.

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