Little Network Management Tools



Little Network Management Tools (LNMT) are a collection of simple tools designed to manage and monitoring networks of router and switches.
These tools are little as they are small tools designed to archived single task, in a simple and direct way.
These tools aren't complex and integrated tools like other management tools (Hp-Ov, Cisco Work, HP-Pro etc.) and our command-line tools aren't designed to solve all management task, but they can do simple task in direct, fast and maybe cheep way.

Snmp Configuration Retriever for Cisco Devices
A simple script designed to submit a "write net command" via SNMP, and include a small TFP server to receive the file from devices. Can be use as command line or using a cfg files ....(more)

Find Host (Cisco/Hp Procurve Switches)
A simple tool, using telnet, that automatically discover the port on witch a specific host (by IP or MAC Address) is connected, and report port configuration and status ....(more)

Network Command Repeater
How many times you had need to repeat the same command, configuration or show command, and collect the output ....(more)


Small Trouble Ticket Tracker

Receiving a support request, both for new implementation and for trouble shout, is a normal process for any Network Operation Center. Tracing each request during their life, with notes, time stamp, and give also to the requester the capability to interact with NOC's engineers are functions included into STTT....(more)


Configuration Repository

Keep all configuration in a storage, organized by customer, sites, devices and by date, with notes and some general information is one of main need of networking end. Sharing it with colleague, over a Web Server, to share all notes, history, and share knowledge and how to. Or just keep all information up to date as soon you make modifications. All of that is into CfgRepository ....(more)