Network Command Repeater

Networking Engineers often must repeat the same command on multiple switch, like show somethings and capture the output on text files or applied standard configuration change, or just save logs or save configurations.
NCR will telnet the desired devices, and will send the commands listed and will capture output into a files named by device names, making all the job faste and without pain and bore for the engineers.

NCR work on WinXp and is write in Perl, a linux/*nix version is available on request.

NCR is designed for nyetwork engineer needs, like standard configurations delivers to devices, clear commands, etc.

NCR use a devices.txt file fore list the devices ip address, and a command.txt file that it will applied to all devices.

NCR may be integrate whit other LNMT products for deliver commands to selected devices

Main feature

Screen Shot



Network Command Repeater is give you as stand alone application or as part of LNMT suite.
Stand alone version, including 1 year mail support, is
24 € (euro), including 20% VAT.

Please refer to order page.