Snmp Configuration Retriever

There are a lot's of scripts, tools and program made to download configurations from Cisco switches and routers , and Snmp Configuration Retriever are one of them.
SCR include command line interface, there you can input the ip address and the SNMP "write" snmp community for the device you want the configuration, or the file name of the list of IP for routers you want retrieve configuration.

SCR will provide an build-in "tftp server", or you can provide your prefer TFTP server "ip".

SCR work on WinXp and is write in Perl, a linux/*nix version is available on request.

SCR is designed for network engineer needs, like save all configuration on their laptop, or routine configuration saving.

SCR may be integrate whit other LNMT products for storing configuration like our CFG Repository

Main feature

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Snmp Configuration Retriever is give you as stand alone application or as part of LNMT suite.
Stand alone version, including 1 year mail support, is
24 € (euro), including 20% VAT.

Please refer to order page.