Small Trouble Ticket Tracer

Big NOCs use complex applications to trace user service request and trouble. Most of these application can't be used in small NOC, due to the cost and because they require big DB and special care to be run.
Our "Small Trouble Ticket Tracer" is a simple, tinny, but powerful application where service request, like new configuration or failure shall be recorded, and all step take from different person shall be traced till the request is "closed" and a mail will be send to user.

STTT don't cover all complex of system, but include main feature like:

Help desk, Engineers, service manager will log into STTT, and as home pages they will see all theirs active requests, all group request, with visual indication of request status.

Main feature

Screen Shot



Small Trouble Ticket Tracer is give you as stand alone application, with detail installation information, including 1 year mail support, is 240 € (euro), including 20% VAT.

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